1. Hey!! this is where I started I highly recommend it it's a 8 week meal plan and they provide you with a grocery list with recipes and the meals are made based on your personal weight goal they also give you a selection on what foods you want included and what foods you don't
    It helped me out bunches! Look into them they simplify everything for you and super easy to follow I found myself successful with them losing 6 pounds my first week

  2. Carrot belongs on the acidic side of life it contains no vitamin A as is ….come on chef Richardo you have just robbed the great ginger of its natural roots n benefits ,I just pressed my ginger to make my winter booster with elderberries.

  3. Only a product of life (living foods ,alkaline foods) can assimilate with the human body,
    Carrot is man made ,wake up my people wake up ,I can agree to those who disagree because this was what our mamas thought us ,Oh God ,sorry mamas not your fault,
    When they brought our foreparents here they didn’t bring their foods with them

  4. Listen bro ,carrot is a not even real veggies (do your own research n don’t take me word for it) the original color of the carrot was purple,there is a google app on your phone.The carrot is a combination of the Queen -an -lace n the wild yam they clone these two roots to form a carrot,it has no such benefit,we as westerners were tricked from day one.
    I must say tho this was what we’ve learned growing up.We all have a third eye n until we learn to wake up we shall be living in our ignorance n if you really want to know how I lost weight I do a very simple cleanse,I normally do 4 detox per year I just finished one in October where I did fresh pressed grape juice for 14 days (NO FOODS ,No chewing ) this was extremely hard for me but my focus n determination allowed this,
    Honestly how can you tell us to just drink carrot juice n not show us what else we should not be eating n loose weight at the same time……….smh One could drink this same carrot juice until you say when n nothing will ever happen.We need to start to unlearn what we think we kno is true .Peace n Energy as always

  5. Here we go again. 🤔a juice that make u loose weight 🤔. Stop lying to these damn people. How the hell can u loose weight by drinking a juice. Only way that piss is if this juice is the only thing u consume all day. Which then the body will b in a caloric deficit ,n that’s the only way for one to loose any damn weight. Dieting n being in a caloric deficit is the way to go with HIT training.

  6. Great video as always Squire, my grandparents who are from Jamaica but came to live in the UK in the late 50’s SWEAR by this, they were given this to drink as children, they gave it to their children and in turn we were also given this growing up as children. Now I make it and drink it and give it to my children. I found that with my 3 pregnancies my stomach remained small and TIGHT with no stretch marks. This also cuts your appetite. I love the BLENDER that you use, I’m looking to buy a new one and can’t seem to make up my mind. Thanks God I blended up my fruit and put them to soak from last December to make my BIG batch of BLACK CAKES for Christmas this year #MiSoonAGuhLiveAKitchen😂 #XmasBakinTymSoonCum😩

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