1. Jay i just completed this workout and BOY IT'S AMAZING. I repeated it twice but currently i am taking mini breaks in between and slowly building my stamina. Yesterday i did your "running in place" workout and i was sweating at the end like anything. I am here to say that i appreciate what you are doing and keep inspiring and making these brilliant videos. Sending positivity your way. 🌻 Thankyou for being a wonderful part in my weight loss journey. Please consider making more videos on how to lose those inches from waist. This is mansi this side.

  2. So excited I discovered your videos! I struggle to keep my focus in long workouts. Started this video today and also did your 4 minute weight loss workout as well. Fingers crossed this helps me reach my goal!

  3. Could stepping up and stepping down on one step for 60 secs straight then for my rest time just run for 80 seconds help? Also I cut my calories to 1200 a day

  4. About a few weeks back I progressed to alternating from this video, and your "How To Lose Weight Fast How To Lose Weight Tutorial video;" with the inclusion of this video I am having even more visible results :)! Thanks again, I'll​ keep posting:).

  5. Update, I have gotten so many compliments on my weight loss :)!!! I have lost inches and pounds not sure how many because unfortunately I did not measure or weigh prior to my self-imposed challenge :(.  Clothes have shown it, and people have confirmed it :).  I gradually increased the step height and never looked back, and today praise God I added my fireplace step height to the equation and it worked perfectly!  I will continue to do this stairs workout as a staple in my workout regiment.  Thank you so much, this step video gave me so much more than I can say.  I really appreciate you for posting this great workout!  I enlisted a couple of family members, but unfortunately, even tho they liked it they didn't stay consistent as I did :(.   Sorry I am not able to be more specific.

  6. Thank you for this video. I stumbled upon it yesterday and today is my second go. I really love it! I have given myself a 30-day challenge with this video. I will come back with an update 🙂

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