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  7. My excitement to use “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) fat loss plan is at all time high. I did not modify my very own diet regime and also did not increase my exercise level. More than a period of 30 days, I lost around 6 lbs. The method has allow me to ate less and becoming full is a lot a lot quicker. .

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  11. My BMR is 1350 calories so how many calories should I cut off to be in a calorie deficit to loose weight as well as fat .As after calculation 964 calories are my daily intake of calories which is unhealthy. Pls liezl reply to me as I'm struggling to loose weight especially fat😭❤️Your reply would mean the whole world to me. Thankyouuuu😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Okay wait so that example she used was specific to me so would i eat 2000 calories and exercise 500 of it off or just eat 1500 and then do the deficite off that

  13. My BMR says I have to eat 1420 calories a day + activity would be 1900 :O I barely get to 1200 calories, idk how I'd be able to get to 1900 without eating unhealthy foods like McDonald's or so

  14. After I had found this fat loss plan “Yamzοkο Weebly” via Google, I felt thrilled to try it out quickly. This has offered me excitement. My pal shed 10 pounds following this kind of weight loss program, I absolutely advise you search Google to learn how. .

  15. I can not express my gratitude enough. Just purchased your ebook bundle!! You have become my FAVORITE Youtube channel and my touchstone. As a 37 year old woman who gained 60 pounds while pregnant with my beautiful son, the last 10 pounds have been the most difficult for me to lose. I have to say that the point system you created is the simplest and clearest calorie tracking method I have found. I've never really counted my calories before but now I am actually excited to. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Hope you're doing well and in good health and even better spirits today <3

  16. I have a question 🙋
    If for example you can eat 2000 calories a day to maintain weight. And youd need a daily deficit of 500 calories to lose weight. Does that mean that if you burn 300 calories, you can eat 1800 calories and it would still count as a 500 calorie deficit? Even if you ate the calories you burned back? Or do the saved and burned calories added up have to be 500?
    A bit confused😅

  17. Thank you so much for this video! I do wonder though: if I work out 3x a week, is it 1.375 or 1.55 then? This confuses me a lot!

  18. Thank you so much. I’m out of bed and you got me motivated to eat right with your forever awesome meals. I’ve tried many of your meals and they all taste great so far! Thank you ! Finished my workout ready to start my day xx. Have a great day !

  19. Is 1,600 calories good for me if I’m 5’4.5 and weigh around 100 pounds? I’m recovering from an eating disorder, and I’m having a hard time figuring out how many calories I need. I workout around 2-5 times a week; those workouts are fairly light. I’m also 16! Would love any and all advice! Xx

  20. Liezl, can you do an example use kg's and cm's as it gets confusing having to convert it from pounds and inches. Also you didn't specify if we should convert the height in inches to cm's or meters. I am 1.53m…do I use 1.53 in my calc or 153? 1 pound is roughly 2 kg's, so the 3500 cals to burn to lose 1 pound actually means that it takes 1750 cals to burn 1 kg, am I right?

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