1. almost all the gurls at school wear these clothes, and i wanted to look like them. i’ve always had weight problems. so recently, i decided to only drink water for 2 weeks. i’m on day 3, and i’m seeing results. i know i said i was gonna only lose some pounds, but it’s almost like an addiction…and i don’t think i’ll be able to stop at just two weeks…

  2. I AM 11 and I have been fat for my whole life today I am taking the turn I do work out in my basement with a yoga mat and marshals I bought for cheap

  3. “Need 8 hours of sleep”
    Looks at clock: 1:42
    * has been surviving school on 6 hours max *
    Gran, no di das (I don’t know how you would spell that??)

  4. For anyone struggling with weight just think about portions and when your bored don’t eat and do something like exercise or crafts, this has helped me so much

  5. I'm 13, severely overweight (around 12 stone, at least the last time i weighed myself), on quarantine and with a mum that doesnt let me diet. She means well, in the sense that she doesn't want me becoming obsessive and developing an eating disorder, but I know that I need to get in shape and down to a healthy weight. I don't want to die young because of it. I'm going to try doing small things like not eating as much sugar and chocolate, takeaway, things like that, but there's only so much you can do, especially when you're stuck in quarantine. Im for sure gonna try this!

  6. I feel like most of the time, my problem with weight is that I always feel ridiculous working out. I always feel like it’s such a pointless thing to be doing but I know it isn’t. I also have a problem with food, as everyone else I always end up saying “just one more.” And it’s ridiculous. With this type of dieting plan, my problem is that when I get home from school all I wanna do is sit down and stare at my phone until I need to go to bed, the last thing I want to do is work out. But that rest on the weekend I think will be able to help a lot with these problems.

  7. i am 14 and my weight is 77 kg (my height is 175 cm)
    my goal is 55 kg but i am really trying to find motivation and i want so much to lose weight because i am jealous of my friends
    so i am trying to start a healthy diet (only vegetables,fruits and healthy protein)the next 06/02/2020
    please wish me luck

  8. I am really over weight and everytime I try to lose weight I end up gaining weight I’m active but nothing’s working I don’t even like going to urgent care just because of what I see on the scale

  9. I wake up at 4 and study for 2 hours and then at 6 i get ready for school and at 7 i go to school i come at 1 and then eat and go to tuition and come back at 7 and eat and then read and should I workout ??? Plz tell me when should I workout

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