1. OK SO I TRIED THIS, I followed every step carefully (also added some other tips from your videos) and the results got me SHOOK.
    After 3 days I lost 1.5 kg and at least 1 cm on each part that I measured. There were also parts where I lost 1.5 cm or even 2 cm. Of course, I had some difficulties (like all my classmates eating junkfood or sweets near me), but I didn't fall into the trap once and I gradually got over these unhealthy cravings.
    I am surprised that I had the will to do this diet because I tried lots of other diets in the past but I always kept giving up on them. This is the first time for me when I actually have fast results.
    Now I am looking & feeling so much better thanks to you, Keli.
    Love you sooo much❤

  2. Can you till loose weight without loosing you bum and thighs it’s just my top half of the body thats fat I really need help ❤️😭

  3. My grandpa has a weird thing which makes him unable to lose weight. My mom has extremely many difficulties with losing weight. Since I am just 12 years I am trying to do all your exercises so I won't have these problems. Because the difference between me and them is that I am more insecure about it and scared of what others will say while they honestly tdon't care as long as they are still healthy

  4. Step 1: take a before picture, before measurements, how u feel, before weight. Step 2: 8 hours of sleep. NO NAPS! & MULTI-MINERAL VITAMIN step 3: 8 OUNCES OF WATER (with apple cider vinegar or lemon or both) 🙂 step:4 eat healthy breakfast that’ll keep u full! Step 5: COLD SHOWER! Or COLD AND HOT SHOWER! (Walk fast to everything) eat less of the meal u like. Stay busy so u don’t always eat. Stay active, don’t lay! Eat before 7 pm.

  5. Getting braces helps losing weight I swear 😂 when I first got braces my teeth was hurting for 3 weeks so I drank lots of smoothies and water for those 3 weeks and I lost 5-8 pounds 😂

  6. I really want to loose weight I am 93 pounds and 10 years old and found it I have the weight of a 13 year old so i am trying to loose weight especially my thighs because one day my friend said look at your thigh compared to mine and it made me feel fat but she didn’t mean to hurt my feelings she was just born skinny

  7. For everybody who wants to lose weight and get abs and everything I recommend you to watch Chloe ting she’s amazing she has a workout program and it’s all for free it’s amazing and it’s all real I tried it and millions of people have tried it and have always had an amazing body after they tried her workout so I recommend you watch her and you’ll be happy with your body!

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