1. I am discusted with my weight. I've been overweight for 30 years. I tried everything you can think of. I gained it all bK & more. I will try this. I mean what do I have to loose.

  2. I am not fat but as a man my head is fat and my legs
    And I only drink 1 cup of water everyday
    I need help😭

  3. My excitement to take “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) weight loss program is at all time high. My diet regime as well as my consistency of several workout routines was not altered as well as change. In only a short time of Four weeks, I already shed 6 lbs. The technique has allow me to ate lesser and becoming full is faster. .

  4. I really wish I had run into the “Yamzοkο Weebly” (Google it) a long time ago. I lost 12 pounds in three weeks up to now. There is certainly still need of work outs even just a couple of times a week and the meals to have must be ideal. It showed awesome results for me. Without a doubt, this is highly recommended and I do wish this would deliver the results to you too since it did to me. .

  5. YEAH it really does work, i tried it before and I lost a huge amount of fat. But then again after a year I saw myself craving for carbinated drinks and I gained weight bigger than before and here I am again starting again from doing this. haaaaays I hope i still can

  6. This gentleman unveiled Gunny Cooper to an alternative means for looking at weight loss and health and it’s has drastically changed the method in which he instructs his clients and exactly how he’s been able to help hundreds and hundreds of folks reclaim the bodies they’ve desperately missed. See more here https://bit.ly/2O8KTkZ

  7. So true i stopped drinking sodas and juice its been 2 years i eat fruits and vegetables with water, water makes u full which is good if ur on a diet

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