1. 3 years ago I suffered my 2nd pancreatic flare up that put me in the hospital for 14 days. I weighed 193 when I went in the hospital  and left the hospital weighing 162,  I was blind, a newly diagnosed diabetic and my triglycerides were at a record book 8000 (200 and lower is ideal). After completely changing my diet and exercising moderately I was no longer a diabetic (A1C went from 12.5 to 5.7) and my triglycerides went from 8000 to 140 and all my other vitals were optimal with in 2-3 months. Was off heart medication and insulin also. I also dropped down to 148 lbs and  was ripped. My body structure was comparable to an MMA fighter. Lean, Cut and Strong. I ate plenty of eggs,  home made 13 vegetable soup, oatmeal with a fruit, Almonds + Almond Milk in oatmeal, spinach wraps with peppers, onions, tomatoes, chicken breast or tuna. Tons of beans mixed (3-4 bean medley) with variety of peppers, garlic, spices etc. drank tea unsweetened, water and protein shakes occasionally. I kept my carb intake below 35 grams per meal and only ate healthy carbs and a made sure my protein intake was always higher then my carb intake. Recently I went back up to 187 lbs because I let my career change, change me. Now since May 5th I went from 187 to 162 with out working out. I eat 3 meals a day and a healthy snack between each meal. I monitor my weight by ounces not lbs and I can tell you how much I'm going to weigh in the morning by the ounce because I monitor my calorie intake, water intake and amount of activity I did the day prior. Focusing on the ounce instead of the lb has helped me understand what my body is doing and what effects me. Anyways Chris is right you don't have to exercise to lose weight because since May 5th I only went on my elliptical once and I lost 17 lbs more than my brother who started May 5th to lose weight and he goes to the gym 5 times a week!

  2. Where does all this info about calorie needs come from? I'm very skeptical. You shouldn't have to count calories. Primates don't count calories.

     You know it turns out half of medical science is wrong according to a recent admission by scientists in the medical journal "The Lancet".  One of the reasons is due to conflicts of interests. The results of studies are indicative of who paid for them and the results sought by that company. Eating beef or poultry or fish is NOT a healthful food for frugivores which is what humans are — if the truth be told.

    Why not come out and just say: don't eat processed refined foods which are complex carbohydrates or vise versa? Or just say only eat whole foods — primarily plant food as grown in Nature — especially in its raw live state?  This is what the raw food movement has been saying for years.

    Is this what the John Jubilee diet is all about? I think his marketing approach is very misleading if he attracts new customers to a sales seminar for his weight loss program by buying them steak dinners at Ruth's Chris Steak House… if he ends up making them quit eating meat once they sign up for the diet and switches them to raw.

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