1. The “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it) diet program has provided me personally reasons to assume that I will eventually shed my ugly belly fat. Yes, I burned 25lbs even though I am a heavy lady and i also don’t carry out regular exercises. I sleep at night a lot more heavily and also don’t sense groggy each day. I assume it`s an incredible boost because it gives me energy and i also can feel the fat loss. .

  2. This diet routine “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it) is completely wonderful! Second time applying this guide and have observed an enormous change in my bodyweight! Burned 10 lbs. Within Fourteen days up to now. The tips that has been supplied can help change your entire body from the inside out! .

  3. I watch your math videos often. The other day, while perusing your channel, I saw this video and it peaked my interest. I wondered why you would venture so far outside your norm… I clicked on the video out of pure curiosity. I was half expecting some sort of monetary gain for you by making this video. But as per usual – it was as pure as your math videos… this video convinced me to do this exact fast. I am currently on day 4 and I cannot believe how I feel and even look already?! Thank you so much. I’ve watched this video 3 more times after starting my fast to keep my focus. Please keep up your work. It’s my favourite YouTube channel by far. 🙏🏼❤️

  4. Yes, it is real. All you read through within the “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Google it), eating plan guide. The 3 weeks I did dropped 7 lbs, 2.5 within off my very own waistline and also 2 inches my very own hips – Am one jeans size smaller. It is really awesome. . .

  5. I`ve already been employing this particular “Kοnοnοz yyd” (Search on Google) for 5 weeks, and also have burned about 10 lbs, and three inches from my waistline. This really can make me considerably more lively day to day immediately after I did shed a few of my unwanted pounds. .

  6. All Indo is pump my body full of shite, energy drinks, and potatoe chips, junk food, is my main, or only diet, and my mass is 127.8lbs, or 9st 1.8lbs, approximately 128lbs, or 9st 2lbs

  7. Really good results. Although, intermittent fasting is actually much more useful if you workout and eat a restricted caloric diet. This was VERY restrictive and usually people will go back to eating normally and gain that weight back.

  8. This is a terrible idea. First 10 pounds in 1 week is too much too fast. You likely went straight catabolic and lost a bunch of muscle with your fat and water weight and just got skinny, probably skinny-fat. The point of a cutting cycle is to lose as close to 100% fat as possible and retain as close to 100% muscle mass and strength as possible. Second you need to eat protein and work out your muscles so you maintain your muscle mass, it would have been far better if you lost 10 pounds in 1-2 months while eating >1200 calories and worked out. You probably would have gained strength and muscle during this period if you did and looked better.

    Did you measure your body fat before and after the cycle? Did you do a strength test before during and after the cycle? If not you did a dangerous experiment wrong and don't have the proper results to justify it.

  9. I love all your stuff but i dont agree with this video and dont think you have the knowledge required to be making a video on this topic. To people in the comments this diet is extreme and not a good idea. The best diet is one that is sustainable for life. To those wanting to lose weight try researching the topic, particularly calories in vs calories out. Losing weight is just a simple equation and you do not need to fast and can eat anything youd like as long as you are within the calorie range required to lose weight

  10. What kind of salads did you have? Did you use Ranch dressing? Healthier oil based dressings? What kind of vitamins did you take? Multi vitamins? Any recommended? Surprised that this video from you of all people is missing such details. Id love to know more about the DETAILS of how you went about doing this. Please? 🙂

  11. eh please don't encourage starvation diets.. also exercising whilst fasting is so dangerous… it is so likely you'll gain most if not all the weight back after fasting because the body is so deprived. quick fixes do not work; go on a healthy diet. diets are a long term commitment

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