1. If you have heartburn issues avoid Green tea … instead have ginger tea or cumin tea or cinnamon tea.. don't just drink one kind of tea..
    In night avoid yoghurt..instead take 30g white rice and do the porridge with little veggies..
    Other than this it was good diet plan..

  2. Hai syster how are you? My weight is 96 kg ennal entha work out seiya mudiyamal irrundadu. But your motivation speech. Ippoludu 3days waking poren. 1st day 1325 steps nadendan. 3rd day 2885 steps .but calories 113 burn seidu Wullan. Ippadi waking ponal weekly evalavu weight loss aagum syster.ple
    Reply me
    Thank you your motivation speech.

  3. Recipe r really osm but drinking green tea in empty stomach is not good to health , and also its not good to have green tea so many times a day (its gud to have one r two times a day

  4. any one who has actually tried it? Salt is not good for you but like use pink himalyan salt but not table salt and she hasn’t specified alsooo white bread is so not good for u one should stop eating white bread if they wish to lose weighy

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