1. 1 kg (2.2) pounds a day?
    Prove it!
    The average human body requires roughly 2000/2300 calories a day. One kg of fat is 2.2 pounds and a pound of fat is 3500 calories. – so multiplying 2.2 x 3500 gives 7700 calories. Just how do you lose the excess 5700?
    I say again, prove it!

  2. We have to follow same plan same day??? Or we can follow mixture of all… Like breakfast me ek din idli, next day oats etc… Yaa this full diet plan full week/month ??????

  3. mam urad dal ki jagh suji le sakti hun 1 cup ..or 4 cup rice idli k liye..better k liye plz reply mujhe 20 kg km krna hai abhi 70 kg hai age 36..hight 5 fit 2 inch

  4. There is very little protein, no greens other than watery lettuce and a tomato salad, no vegetable. !!!. Not a well balanced diet and not good for weight loss !!!

  5. Hello mam… I love you diet recipes… They are u awesome… I m a teacher my day start with 5 o clock so please tell me the diet plan according to that….. Thank u

  6. Im breastfeeding mother but now my baby want breastfeed just night time hole day she dont want…plesse tell me can i drink lemon water ??? I waiting for ur reply plsss

  7. Rice idli , pulao recipe could be given as a seperate links….carbs have to be reduced and proteins increased for weight loss…can u suggest diet plan for non vegetarians..TIA

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