1. आप हर महीने 2-5 किलो वजन कम करना चाहते हैं तो समपर्क करे
    Senior wellness Coach
    Sanjay kumar

  2. Im a patient of endometriosis. Whatever i do , i dont loose weight AT ALL. For 4 years, i practiced 5 days in a week exercise for 1hr 30 mins. I have proper meal. But, nothing works !!

  3. My heigh is 166 cm and weight is 70 kg
    I am gonna start from Tomorrow and definitely gonna tell after a month or two tht it helped or not….
    See you later.

  4. I have currently applied this particular “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) for a number of weeks by now and the effects are awesome. They give me lots of energy and also reduce my urge for food, yet I do NOT quit whenever they wear off which I enjoy, and they don`t cause me to feel jittery. I haven`t changed everything else I am doing and have shed 7 pounds. .

  5. yes the video is very good I lose about 20 kgs in one month by follow the steps mention in the video and by using very effective fat burner product suggested by my friend which is not only very cost effective but also give some tremendous results. to know more click on the link https://nplink.net/6giuezyr

  6. Youtube suggested me this video. For the first time ever I've been this patient to a 31mins video. I am on my weight loss journey too. Getting to know a lot about the right diet. Hopefully I lose a few pounds in a month. I will get back to you in a month. My height is 5ft and my weight a week ago was 65.5kg.

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