1. Oats give so much energy before I never taken breakfast and when I work out my head hurt but when I started eat oat my head didn't hurt anymore when I workout and it's good cause I like the flavore too Xd

  2. Excuse me, but are you rambling mad??
    Cut out sugar entirely (!), minimize fast carbs as much as you can, preferably to 0 if you are obese (lowering insulin), don't eat more than 3 times a day and only whole foods (!), exercise lightly but often (walks several times a day is good) and Supplement with a few HIITs or weight training occasionally, sleep regularly and always enough, minimize intake of alcohol, bring order and positivity into your life (lowering cortisol) – follow this and you'll be fine, but the older and more messed up you are, the longer it takes to get back to zero (fix body functions like liver) and the longer it will take to lose weight:)

  3. The best in weight loss is the Diet Dukan you eat all day long how many times you want because you eat just proteins and products free fat. I loose in 7days 4kg and I never stay hungry I'm eating every time I'm hungry

  4. 100 gram of oats has around 350 calories if you want to make it more delicious you probably need to add fruits. Conclusion: if you want to lose weight on oatmeal you need to eat small portion and that's the case with all food

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