1. Sir who are you why should I listen to you.
    You are not that ripped (relax you look fit and well defined) I mean you are not steroid rip get with the program if you want more views do what a lot not all youtube zombie fitness trainers do juice up (is that correct term I don’t know).
    Anyway good video but don’t forgot juice up (that can’t be right) and don’t forget to do videos on one exercise and then the next week do another one why it’s all wrong.

  2. Thank you so much for perfect instruction while doing workouts. Can i request you to provide one video of all workout to stay fit by doing it regularly. Hope for quick response.

  3. Im 30 years male.doc said i have back injuries in pelvic because of wrong weight lifting in gym.so i quit gym and doc give me some normal back pelvic excersice but its not give me more relief.sir can i add sqauts for back pain and weak pelvic? If yes how much can i do and can i do it daily plz sugest

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