1. Best thing ever for workout at home is resistance band set. They are awesome, because its simple to use and you can gain great muscle with them and you dont need to go at gym. I got my at trainhome shop (check on google) they are awesome. They have great products for home workout.

  2. Does the "No Load" method of engaging a counter muscle also work if you have a low weight? Like a 5lb or 2lb bicep curl with added tricep flexing? It seems like a logical extension, but logic only goes so far

  3. Always informative and amazing.. Jeff , please do a series on Beard growth and maintaining your beard !!!! During quarantine times or any time during the year . Consider things like diet and beard growth, beard growth and protein, benefits of having a beard … would love to hear your POV on this . Thank you for all your time and POV .

  4. It’s been clinically proven that ensuring you have adequate vitamin D levels helps people to fight covid. On that basis those with poor vitamin D levels should eat the prerequisite foods or take a top branded supplement

  5. Everything forgets to mention that these sorts of workouts mainly only benefit people who are in good shape already (whether you're bulky or athletically built).

  6. Hi everyone! On my channel, I am creating a 6 week home workout program with lots of follow-along fun workouts and dancing set to 70s/80s hits (perfect to do together with your family members!) Let's drop some pounds while we are in quarantine 🙂

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