1. I’m 10 years old sooooo over weight I need to lose weight but my mom doesn’t want me to change who I am cuz she says I’m perfect I know I need to lose the weight so ima try

  2. What is the best product or brand to lost tons of fat? I read plenty of good reviews on the net about how Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost a ton of weight. Has anyone tested out this popular lose weight secrets?

  3. Def an informative video.

    Would like to add: you cannot target weight loss. Where you lost weight first has nothing to do with your workouts. Where you lose weight first is based on genetics.

  4. im only 14 and im so insecure and am always depressed because im not happy with my body i every time i look at the mirror i just wanna cry, im 167 pounds nd im 5,6 i just wanna feel more confident in what i where like i use to be

  5. I’m starting today watching this made me want to do this and I’m going to I weigh 146 pounds and I’m 11 and I need to loose 41 pounds so I’m going to try this 🥺✨🤍✨

  6. I'm going to lose 30 pounds each month for 3 or 2 months because I'm done with this people talking about me and I want to be happy and not depressed no more , and I'm starting may 18 2020 and I weight 160 pounds and so my goal by August 18 2020 I should weigh 115 that's my goal and I'm only 11 so I don't want to be to big , for I can where cute outfits and be happy and my mom is the person and thing that making me move on she died so I want her to see me happy , and move on so let's go on this journey !!

  7. I don't want to be judged anymore because I'm overweight and I'm 14 as of August but it's always been hard to lose weight in my family it's just in my genes but imma give this a go <3

  8. I weight 165 lbs but because of my height I look like I weigh more and I’ve always been told by doctors to loose weight so I’m going to start to actually loose it.

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  10. Just visit website NextLevelDiet and get personalized Diet and Training plan with amazing tips. I lost 15kg in two months. Finally, I have a six pack.

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