1. I have lost 10lbs in just one month by following diet plan from NextLevelDiet. It's really a great tool. I recommended it to my family members and we all started to eat and live healthier. Long live #*Next Level Diet*.

  2. 1. Make it a lifestyle
    2. Drink a lot of water
    3. Drink green tea
    4. Eat whole food, healthy food
    5. Eat before grocery shopping
    6. Meal prep
    7. Eat smaller portions but frequently throughout the day
    8. Eat using smaller plate
    9. Drink less alcoholic beverages
    10. Do HIIT cardio weekly

  3. i just gave in and ate pizza and fries at 10 pm. im very mad at myself bc this probably brings me up to about 2500 calories today but tomorrow im gonna be better. no more cheat days

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