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  5. Who wants to exercise for Hours? I'm a lazy fat guy, 5'8", 230 Lbs, usually. I got myself down to 204 just by not Drinking Beer & eating desserts. NOw I need to get down to 200 and then my wife will let me be a fat cheeseburger eating Drunk again. So I just need a quick way to drop 4-5 without exercise, because I'm lazy.

  6. For one you can see this guy leaning forward and pushing his stomach out then the next pic you see he is standing real straight and tall look skinny that is fucked up.

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  8. Do natural popular lose weight method like Custokebon Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? I have noticed several awesome things about this popular lose weight methods.

  9. I'm 95 but I'd really like to lose 20 pounds :((( also I am 4'6 13 years old moderately active but I do have a bit of a sugar problem but I can definitely control myself its not THAT serious

  10. the less colories you eat and the more calories you burn over how much you eat the more WEIGHT you lose. water has no calories and it only puts a maximum of 2.5 pounds on the body you did burn a lot of fat that day lol

  11. thats not how it works you just ate weigh too much the other days and you didnt workout intensely the other days. if you keep working out intensely the weight stays off and you continue to lose

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