1. since no ones updating anymore, I guess I will.🥺

    Day 1: A little hard but if you just think about how much you want it and how much it’s worth you’ll get there. Did not see much change though.
    Day 2: A little sore, but I got through the exercises anyway. Not very much change, but the exercises got easier.
    Day 3: Exercises are wayyy easier, I can see a tiny bit of change; but not huge.
    Day 4: cheat day!🥺💛
    Day 5: Exercises were literally sooo easy, broke a tiny sweat. Other than that, yes I’m seeing change and I’m starting to become more confident! (I’m doing this for a summer body)

  2. Hey, for anyone new, I have been doing this workout for about two months and it really has helped. My abs are so much more defined and my fupa (Larger vagina area/ larger lower stomach area) Is much less noticeable. When i'm bloated my stomach looks like how it used to be when I wasn't even bloated. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  3. You should link the vacuuming in the description, or give a heads up at the beginning of the video so people dont have stop during the workout

  4. i know you searching for a "it does really work comment" thats me babyy
    i did this with some cardio it really works my waist is 70 before now its 68 (i did it like 5 days) and thats it girl this is so easy you can do this 😉
    and dont forget to eat healty this is the actuall important thing

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