1. I’m so glad I found your DB series. It’s been a long time since I’ve trained and I was not sure at all where to start. This should get me going again with a solid plan so I can keep shit simple for now.

  2. I don't think I'm doing the underhand flys right. I can barely lift the dumbbells up at that point after the previous exercises. Should I use a lower weight?

  3. I am a beginner I love this video you can really feel The work out in the chess I workout to this videoJust about every other day nicely done thank you guys????????

  4. for those of us not already looking like the hulk, and not lifting 99lb dumbbells, do we also do upper back same day? and I do mean i'm using LIGHT weight.

  5. Excatly nice day but for you. Not for us brother. 1 . We don't have backyard like in your house. We work all day just for survive we don't have enough time like you we don't live in good country like you.so beautiful day you are right but not for us.

  6. whenever i do single arm press i never feel the pressure on my chest instead i feel it on my shoulder and bicep. what i am doing wrong ? pls help

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