1. Even if I'm not a climber, your tips are still good for various purposes, and that's why I love seeing your content, keep going man!

  2. Hi, this is probably one of the best tutorial videos I have seen for free flow movement. I was wondering if you can make another video with the same routine but as a "Follow Along With You Video" and have a timer in the video as well.

  3. Love the chill vibe of your videos. Too many workout videos are dudes yelling at the camera about gains. I appreciate the warm-up for each movement and the tips on form.

  4. Your voice was so calm, had me thinking I was def ready for intermediate level. Turns out my gym routine being nonexistent for a month knocked me back down to beginner level. That said, I appreciate the appropriate scaling for each move. Can't wait to be back on my feet again. thank you.

  5. After doing this workout I just want to mention that it's overall quite heavy on the wrists. So make sure to warm them up maybe even a little bit more than suggested. Especially when you haven't been climbing/bouldering for longer or are starting on working these muscles and tendons. There are a few videos on that including other movements in the calisthenics section of youtube.

    Other than that, awesome workout with fair progressions and your calm explanations really add up to it. Oh, another suggestion: maybe you could show a couple more reps per progression. I was rewinding a few times to comprehend the full motions in detail.
    Anyway, thanks alot.

  6. Wow, great exercises and clear instructions (even for beginners). I will try them out today. However I lack a pull up bar or something similar. What can I use instead or do you have any tips for this?

  7. If I'm doing the hole workout, am I supposed to do 3 sets of each exercise and go on to the next after finishing every set or do 1 set for every exercise and then the second set and so on? 🙂

  8. This is the 4th time I'm doing this workout. I trained some isolation in between (mainly shoulders) and as an example I can do 15 seconds of l sit (feet still below hands unfortunately) but the first time I tried that it was only 10 seconds with tucked knees so yeah this workout is killer.

  9. Great workout, I definitely feel it in my back and shoulders the next day. Only one problem I can’t do the handstand walk no matter how hard I try 😭 I get stuck halfway up. Is there an easier version I can try to work my way there? All the other exercises I can do the beginner version easily or do the intermediate like the pushups are easy and I’m starting to get the tuck planche and L-sit too. What muscles am I missing for the handstand walk up the wall? 🤔

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