1. Dr. Solomon, it's been awhile since last I've asked a question (which by the way you answered. Thank you again.) Anywho, I've been following you for EVERRRR and you've changed so much (all good). However, my question is this, can I initiate muscle gain using the TRX? I'm an older woman (older than you) and I need to slowing get back into weight lifting. Can I approach that using the TRX to gain strength and noticeable muscle change? Please advise. Thank youuuuu!

  2. Appreciate the effort with the video but my two cents input is – If you are using the TRX anchored to a door please make sure you are always pulling the door close when tension is applied to TRX. This will avoid the scenario you described in the video plus safety back up against the door lock failing on you.
    Pls take care but most of all move.

  3. 😳OMG! I have aTRX and I love it! But ai don't have yourabs. Can you guide me to ab heaven like you have? Retarded people don't have your abs. 😂😂

  4. Your a doctor? I was just kidding about the paper route. It just so happens I am a Dr too. In fact, I am a boss Doctor. I call the shots. " Yeah I saw you uh yeah you can take that bullt out of that dude." or like hey man thats not how you put a cast on."

  5. uh…..so yup no trx …but I would love to lady blow you….you see it just so happens I am very sexually attracted to you. How can I make good on this offer. I mean I am busy but I can squeeze you in.
     Yeah I know I know I am a stranger on youtube. Sure, maybe I am but I am also the personal best at dungeons and dragons with my friends. I was told by a prostitute I was her best lover. I remodeled my moms basement so my mom could barley hear your screams of passionate love making. I work out a lo….t like once a week. I was flexing in the mirror and this guy walked in and said I had a nice package. I was like thanks I been working on my abs.
    I also got a raise for doing my paper route. if we go out I am generous, I will by you a bus pass too and supersize the meal.
    Because well I think your special.

  6. Great video, just bought the TRX. Remember that cute little story bout your friends mis hap with the strap resulting in a strap slap in the mouth and some dental issues; well you may be in for the same surprise, the STOP WORKOUT IN PROGRESS sign that comes in the kit is to be placed on the other side of the door, yours in in facing you which does you no good. Love the video tips, and i don't think you are retarded, move the warning sign to the proper position.

  7. 2 questions & 1 comment: Does this TRx system work with any door and frame (kinda freaked out by the integrity of my doors) and how can I be certain I've attached it correctly? Most importantly, are you Canadian? I love that your kitty is in every shot. Thanks =^..^=

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