1. Your exercises are actually doable for beginners! Don't feel like I get a whole lot out of some workouts because I'm not in shape enough to do some of them ! Yours are definitely doable

  2. Hi Lucy you may not see this but your quick arm workout popped up on my YT feed and I've been doing your quick 7 minute workouts only a few days now whilst baby plays in the garden. Im wondering if I do your arm leg & abs workout each morning will it help? Ive gained so much weight since having my 4th baby which is disappointing bc after my third baby I was in my size 10 wedding dress 8 months after having her. Life is hectic now and I need quick workouts that get results. Any advice would be much appreciated ☺️ BTW Love your channel

  3. Lucy you are fantastic! do you have something for fat around the knees? and do you have something for correction of the hump back posture? I have lost lots of weight on my legs and arms and have skin

  4. Hi Lucy im from mlaysia and i have been following your exercises for almost a year and i lost almost 15kg im so excited learning new exercise from you..all your 7days exercises help me a lots. So thank you so much i luv u 😘😘

  5. i'm gonna do this for 2 weeks to be a bit productive.
    day 1: done, i'm very tired but still did it. i'm going her thigh workout too
    day 2: done. my sides are being painful idk why but i didnt feel tired after doing this
    day 3: did it. my body is not aching anymore but my stamina is still poor. sigh.
    i skipped a day. sorryy
    day 4: done and i wasn't tired after doing it
    day 5: done, not tired at all!
    day 6: i feel amazing! my stamina has increased 🙂
    day 7: i'm not tired at all! i feel so energetic. this is AMAZING (i'm also doing her leg and arm workout)

    i'm gonna continue for another week

    day 8: done

    skipped for 4 days bc i had fever

    I keep forgetting to update but doing this regularly now. I'm planning to do this for 2 more weeks

  6. Lucy, u r my guiding light on my weightloss journey. I want 2 thank u 4 ur efforts. May God bless you and always bring you happiness. Thank you!!

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