1. lakeGreat workout man! Thanks again! Btw, I am impressed that you do not need music playing to keep my attention. You lead by example and that grabs my attention more than anything else could!

  2. Hey Brother….my goal is to look like you…..your physique is AWESOME! I just did three of your workouts (Home Leg Workout For Men Without Weights, 10 Min Six Pack Abs Workout At Home, Upper Body Mass Workout For Men At Home No Equipment). The upper body workout has me super SWOLE…and I LOVE IT!! The variations of workout techniques really activate all the muscle groups which is great when you are just using body weight. I have been looking for one workout channel to follow for my at home works and I have found it. Next I am going to be looking for a back workout to sculpt my back more and the glutes. Looking forward to virtually working out with you….thanks for the motivation and encouraging me to stay in shape!

  3. Still incorporating this workout in to my routine a year after finding it , great workout, doesn’t take too much time either , great body weight routine.

  4. Great workout didn’t get to finish each exercise because im a beginner but got through it with you. Will continue to use this for legs

  5. Hey there! This is so so amazing! This is my fourth week doing it once a week. How long do you suggest to keep the same leg workout? Should i change it? Thanks

  6. You should not.put ' for men' me, a 41 year old lady did your routine duplicating speed of some of the exerxise…how big man s ego you have …

  7. awesome workout man! just wondering if you recommend repeating the circuit (after a stretching break) or if once would suffice! much love from canada!

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