1. Excellent workout strategy Christina!! Just found you on YouTube!! Going to get a mat to use outside tomorrow. This reminds me of an aerobics class I took in the 90's..

  2. Absolutely love this work out and hope to do it with my daughter I am 61 and she is 44 and we’re on a weight-loss journey and I think this exercise will be perfect for us. Thank you

  3. Stumbled on to your video. Love your enthusiasm and that you thought of this age group. I am 66 and have been looking for a workout I can do at home and are easy on the knees. Will give this a try! Thanks again!

  4. Thank you for the top training, a great motivation during the corona time for me, finally to do simply something good for myself. Just the right, lg from italy, lissi

  5. I know I asked prior for more of these videos.. Love you and your Mom.. You posted you had more Can you please tell me again where to find you one more time..

  6. I'm 17 years old and i'm doing Chloe Ting Hourglass challenge because I want to gain weight in muscle in the right places and I convinced my mom to also do exercise together but she can't do the same exercise that I do. I love this video because is low impact and your mom is the same age as mine, Thank you very much for this! I know my mom will be happy that I found a routine that she can do and make her sweat. Is very good to exercise with someone I love and more in this cuarentine. Sorry if I have English mistakes I speak Spanish ♥

  7. I’m 47 & overweight. I had just worked out with a trainer the Wednesday before COVID-19 put everyone on lockdown. I’ve really wanted to do HIIT, but some of the moves are too difficult for me to start out with. I think I can do this & work my way up. Thank you so much!

  8. This was fantastic! I'm over 50 with very few friends who are interested in exercising at a higher level. Loved, loved, loved seeing your mom working out with you (and me!)!

  9. Liked the exercises, maybe 2 sets of reps. With a break for 15 seconds between would feel more solid. I felt rushed going from one exercise to the next. Some music would be motivating too, and set the beat.
    Thanks again! I liked having your mom with you too!

  10. Seeing me workout so diligently, my mom also wanted to give it a try, but I wasn't sure what exercise would be good for her as she has knee and back problems…. But you guys just solved my problem, so thnx a lot☺
    Can't wait to do this workout session with my mom😄

  11. This is just brilliant! We are all locked up indoors doing the right thing. I was just about to start back at gym and Covid19 hit. I am over 50 so this will give me incentive to get back to exercise after a 12 month lay off due to study. I agree, please keep the over 50's video workouts going we need them more than ever now. Go Christina and go mum!

  12. Liked this. Hard to find a HIIT routine that is appropriate for those of us over age 50. Only suggestion is that each stretch should be held longer. Otherwise well done and will look at your other videos.

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