1. hey guys. i work out with u guy for about a month and a half and i must say you guys have made a diffrence for me. u am getting in shape and i started loving workouts because of you. but most importanatly i love your aditude, i love how you make it possible and how let us know that we are actually champions by just pressing play on the video. it's a great feeling and i thank you for that. g-d bless you

  2. The lady at the beginning could be a little nicer like the dude is on the other videos. I workout with you just because he is nice and reassuring and gives people time to do the movements. I feel overwhelmed by her instructions and velocity and gave up 3 minutes after.

  3. It's hard to say lock down because of this pandemic issue happening right now. But the thing is I should say blessings? Because at the bright side of life we are all wanting for healing within ourselves and the nature..(less pollution) ..And the best part is I found you guys..I've been doing your fat burning, cardio workout at home and I love it..Thank you guys specially Daniel and the two lovely ladies at your side… You guys motivates me to persevere and have courage to finish every workout with the legs and muscles sores..for two to three days…

  4. Daniel is more “suave” and bit gentler than Alex, she’s f*cking fierce … and I love her!!!! Kudos guys. It’s been a killer workout. Now I’m deceased.

  5. Well, maybe it's no longer relevant because this is an older video and I haven't noticed the new ones making that error, but just saying: It's quite confusing at the beginning when she's introducing new moves and before you've really had a chance to see what you need to do, the camera shows a close-up, then goes back to a full view where they have progressed to another part of the move. "What do they want me to do?"

  6. Been with you guys for years, you and hasfit are my favorite channels thank you for sharing with us! Nice and quick but I'm breathless and drenched 💪🏿👍🏿

  7. Love this workout a lot! The biggening workout was fast I felt like but I did it still. Love Body Project! After having a baby I finally taking time to loose some baby weight.

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  9. Just started doing the Body Project videos and love them. Have to say that this one was disappointing though. Too much stress on ankles and knees. I am in my 50's and this workout didn't get my heart rate up like the others I have tried.

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