1. My dad taught me all these exercises plus several more back when I was 15 (I'm 36 now) to really work the glutes. This was long before most people were willing to work hard for a booty like they are now.

  2. Hi Ashley. This video is great. I'm going to try the exercises. However, I'd really like to see a follow-along video, where you do the reps, count, and give us the alignment reminders while you're doing the exercises. You do all the sets and counting for us, we just follow along. Its easier for me to do focus on the exercise itself if I don't have to count or think about what's next. Just focus on doing the exercise you tell us and concentrate on the alignment reminders you're giving us as we go along. Thanks!

  3. Hi Ashley. I am starting the heartbutt challenge today. I can not do the hip extension, at all, as you have shown here. Is there a modification I can do until I build up some strength. Also thank you for doing these videos and for the fascia blasters. I have 3 of them and have received pain relief by using them.

  4. great content. will definitely be doing this. All your info is so great and you are so generous to share so much. I'm energized and inspired! Doing these for sure! One small note – if these videos are being shot on a smart phone, would be great if the phone was held horizontally instead of vertically – you'll get a even better looking video with a wider shot. 🙂

  5. Hey Ashley! Thank you for the tutorials! It has been on replay! I just wanted to make sure I am doing right… for the foot that is planted do we keep it straight or slightly bend it? I notice when I keep it straight I feel my thighs burn on my planted leg… Is that what is supposed to happen? I almost feel my planted leg burning more than the leg I am extending and my glute that I am working. Thanks in advance!

  6. If I am 345lbs and 5'4 , I am holding all of my weight on top, especially in my abdominal area. what would you suggest to help me flatten my abdominal

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