2 glasses of water

    Breakfast (9-12)
    -2 whole eggs
    -6 egg white
    -green tea

    1 hour later..
    -1-2 carrots / cucumber
    -healthy vitamin supplements

    Lunch (12-4)
    -2 whole eggs
    -3 egg white
    -few mushrooms
    -avocado oil

    -steamed broccoli / cauliflower
    -black coffee

    Evening (5-6)
    -1 apple
    -green tea / green coffee

    Workout (7-9:30)
    -4 egg white
    -pre workout drink

    Post-workout drink: Spirulina Shake
    -low fat milk
    -chia seed

    -steamed broccoli
    -6 egg whites

  2. Mam mujhe sirf 7 kg kam karna h. Aur 6 pack banana h. Kya m ye diet flow kar sakta hun. Because u told this will loose upto 25 kg. Pls mam. Help me. As soon as possible

  3. mam… please make diet plan to weight lose for high uric acid people. i am suffering from uric acid and doct told me to reduce weight and have no protine diet. ….please help me on this…regards…

  4. Hi Vicky i m ur new fan
    i have an question that u have given a video about how to cook oats then can we use simple buffalo or cow milk in cooking oats

  5. I'm really obsessed with your diets but can you please upload a video specific for PCOD with all details as there are many foods I can't take it for example chia seeds, banana

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