1. Im on day 8 and still Up and Down plank gets me out if breath. I hate that exercise!! I see ab definition already and i have lost quite a lot of my belly fat.😊 thanks Chloe.

  2. I'm going to start this today and give updates. I'm adding it to my daily work outs so my results won't only be from this. However, this will be my only ab workout. I don't expect to get abs but I would like to lose some inches off my waist. As of now my waist measurement 2 inches above my bellybutton is 30.5 inches my measurement around my belly button is 32.25 inches. Measurement an inch below my bellybutton is 33 inches.
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  3. I really need help and advice. I tried this maybe two or three days ago, not this one but the first video for the two weeks, and i pulled or tore something in my leg doing a mountain climber. I tried to do the exercise again today and i cant use that leg. I feel so hopeless, most of the workout hurt the thing i pulled. Its the muscle connecting my thigh to my pubic bone. Im so sad, i feel like im not too fat to get the results i want in two weeks but this just put my dream on hold 💔

  4. I'm on day 3 of this so hopefully I can get through this! I've always been a chubby child and ate a lot but I've been getting to goal slowly. I've already reached my goal weight which is at the moment 128. I've always been around 132-140 and I never felt good about it so since summer I've been trying but always stop after a day so I'm determined to do this challenge! Not only for me but for my baby sister Because I never have energy to play with her. Thanks for reading~! Believe in your self and pace yourself! Nothing wrong with being a lil chubby tho 😂 because my boyfriend loves my body so don't worry ladies about Changing your body just your lifestyle and feeling stronger on the inside 💪 hopefully I worded everything appropriately. Love you all!

  5. i tried to do one of Alexis Ren's workout videos, to change it up a little from
    always following Chloe's and i got like 4 minutes in and here i am back, no one can beat Chloe's workout videos
    'your abs will love you and hate you' she says, more like i will love and hate you for this workout ahhaha love you Chloe, but damn, you really be making us work for it

    (no shade on Alexis Ren at all, I love her too, just stating my opinion on the workouts)

  6. am i the only one who gets to a point where the workout is so intense i just wanna tell chloe to shutup and turn off the music?!

  7. I'm starting 2 weeks challenge because I do not work out as often as I want for a few weeks so I hope this challenge will be great to get back on track. I am not that "out of shape" but I have some fats on my lower belly and it would be good to say goodbye to them lol. I'm going to share my progress here. Good luck everyone. 🙂
    Day One: Today's workouts were fun to do. They were not too hard but not the easiest neither, perfect for the first day.
    Day Two:
    Day Three:
    Day Four:
    Day Five:
    Day Six:
    Day Seven:
    Day Eight:
    Day Nine:
    Day Ten:
    Day Eleven:
    Day Twelve:
    Day Thirteen:
    Day Fourteen:

  8. all that i remember when i did this are the face of my friends mocking me and my flabby belly. And guess what, I didn't feel any pain cometrough!

  9. So I have been trying to losee weight for 2 months and I have lost 7 kilos but I can't see much difference for some reason, so I decided to do the 2 week shred challenge I will update this daily. Side note: I have had two coocyx injuries in the past and I can't do some workouts such as Russian twists but I still tried.

    Day1:It was wayyy to hard, I took a lot of breaks but I think it's ok. I realized my arms can't support my body for long periods of time 💀💀Up and down planks are definitely the hardest lol. I can't wait to see the results my body hurts like hell but no pain no gain, am I right?!

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