1. Hey, that's Kendal's system. Look up Kendal and he does this same style. I've been doing the build on with him for years now…Good to see you, Denise, you encourage me to keep working out after 50. If you can do I can too. Thank you

  2. I watched her on lifetime tv early in the morning in 90’s before going to school and I taped it if I have an early morning classes. I forgot all about her. During this quarantine period, my son suggested why don’t you get your Dennis Austin tapes and exercise with her or go on YouTube. I did and I was surprised to see that her daughter has joined her on this quest. I sweat like I did in my twenties. Thank you Dennise for keeping it real.

    Screenshot 2020-05-08 at 11.02.10 AM.png picture of them when she was 5years old and now

  3. I worked out with her I'm 50 years old and I worked out with her since I was 22 and at my first job and she always kept my ass tight and oil light and I'm a black sister Golden East love you girl

  4. As luck would have it, I finally had enough money and joined a gym two months before the pandemic. Went to the gym and got Flu A for first time in my life. Got better. Went back to gym. Got Flu B for first time in my life and supposedly tested negative for Covid. Thankfully got better. No more gym. Ever. Denise Austin videos!

  5. His Ms. Austin! Such a great workout! I'm a big fan here! I wish to see more of this kind. Thank you so much! You're such a blessing to us who do workout at home esp. during this pandemic situation.

  6. I love her, few years back before YouTube Channels ,I was doing workout by her DVDs, Jane Fonda and some others. Great workout by her. God bless all. Have a great day.

  7. This is so much fun! You can count the proper workouts I've done in my life on one hand, but that changes now. It still feels very intense for an absolute beginner but taking breaks works.

  8. Been a fan since the 90s on VHS! I loved the encouragement on the tapes, "You can do it!", "I promise", "You did great!", "You did it!", "Have fun!"

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