1. Me my sister and mom have been doing your workouts different videos for 3 days now. Feeling great! Noticed that when we saw the fun in the title it wasnt as fun at all and burning but felt so great!!! First day was tough now we follow it till the end!!! I wanted to ask how many calories does a workout take?

  2. So I have a severe lower back pain on my left side after I did this cardio yesterday, should I ignore and continue the cardio as iv been doing daily or rest and wait till it goes?

  3. thebodyproject is my lockdown go to place. i like the slightly tougher workouts so did today's one with weights and good lord i think you guys have finally killed me. thanks so much for what you do, this one was especially fun.

  4. I am hooked on Body Project workouts. I'd be delighted to see reusable water bottles in support of a healthy earth. Thank you for your uplifting presence, Daniel and Co. : )

  5. I came here because I thought that I mastered the Wade and Angie workout. I'M GOING BACK, I'M DEAD! But, Oh God, what a workout!! Absolutely loved it, and I'm absolutely thrashed!

  6. I gotta be honest, I've just begun my workout journey about a week ago. Your channel has been motivating me every day to workout. Today was the first time I almost quit half way through the workout. But I finished strong and it's all thanks to you guys!

  7. Thank you for your workouts. You too are THEE best. I'm just getting started and because of your videos I feel confident to keep going and keep pushing. Love the exercises and thankful I can do it.

  8. I made it to 20 mins. The exercises are simple but man put together that is a heart pounding cardio for beginners I wanna lose 30lbs and keep falling off

  9. Someone please tell me can I do this hiit everday per week😊🤘i really want to do this everday it matches with my stamina since I'm not a very fit one

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