1. Great content. However, I curious on why you don’t have any biceps or triceps exercises in this plan. Is it because they are being worked with the other compound movements? Just interested in your theory and thought process. Thanks

  2. I just started deadlifting and my form is great. I want to encorporate it in my 3x a week full body workout but I found my hamstrings are super sore. And I'm not sure if I should do it once or twice a week . And when should I sqaut ?? I also have been doing hip thrust 3x a wedk

  3. Great content but this is not just for beginners this is for the natural bodybuilder. Steve Reeves did full body 3 days a week. This full body 3 times a week is optimal for the natural bodybuilder.

  4. You said this is for beginner right? But it's hard to get the form for these compound exercises and quite intimidating also. And does the deadlift require a belt and which type do I do?

  5. hey bro I've been spending countless hours trying to find a solid routine to follow theres just too much info out there and youtubers contradicting each other just subbed and liked your video as you go straight to the point and finally made me understand what split and rep/set ranges work so thanks for that! I'm going to give this a go but I was just wondering if we need to train our core as well separately or if these full body workouts are enough?

  6. I got me a trainer and welcome to the full body workout… Mon Wen Fri.. A Variation of the workout… Super sets…. Tri sets and giant sets… All workouts are intense for one hour…. My workout journal is getting huge because so much different workouts l been doing…. I love Mondays too see what the trainer has for me… Getting stronger burning the fat building the muscle…

  7. Well how you detailed it out super simple but like the detail I'm going to try this myself one of the only videos on YouTube that I've searched for this split that makes the most sense in this the most concise and to the point

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