1. Workout Routine:

    Warm up:
    Jump Rope – 5min.

    Splits Squats To Front Lunges
    4 Sets – 8 Reps (for each leg)

    Reverse Lunges (both legs) To Squat
    4 Sets – 8 Reps
    (side note, it takes two reverse lunges to one squat to complete 1 rep)

    Hip Thrust
    4 Sets – 10-12 Reps

    Pull Ups
    3 Set – Reps Till Failure

    (superset together with)

    3 Sets – Reps Till Failure

    Hope you enjoyed this workout !! Let me know if you have any questionsss :)))

  2. That’s an awesome routine. Jumping rope is terrific workout. So how did you get so flexible ? Also your booty is amazing. What sizes are you as far as leggings and underwear? What style and type do you prefer to workout in?

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