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  2. I enjoy her workouts, especially since they are fast moving but I would be cautious if you are new to exercise. Her form is not always correct. It's also a little risky to do static stretches early in the warm up because the muscles are not properly warmed up and you can risk injury. During the cool down, her second stretch has her head dropping below her heart which can cause a person to pass out if the intensity of the workout is high for them. Warm up and cool down should be longer.

  3. This is definitely my go to warm up video , it’s great !!!!
    I feel it all over my body and my legs get super toned quick !
    Thank you Rebecca Luis 💗

  4. Love what you did hear from start to finish. I like how you emphasized to make sure people get their posture and form right. Very detailed and easy to understand. Your energy is awesome!

    I recently was on vacation and I recorded a full body exercise without weights.

  5. Thanks Rebecca I’ve been training with you since November last year and though I’ve been lazy on occasions and I drifted off during Christmas I’ve seen results 😊 I’ve got a better waistline and tight gluteus good enough for the summer outfits 😊😊

  6. i swear every time i do one of these workouts i always think it’s not enough, but when i finish i’m sweating buckets. how you do it rebecca is something i will never understand

  7. Thank you. I did the whole video, it’s not so easy and it’s not so hard as I was doing hiit regularly. But it help me a lot today coz I only have 5 hrs of sleep. Again thanks and great workout and lots of encouragement..

  8. Hi I'm 13 years old and I weigh 115 kilo and i'm really trying to lose weight. I'm not sure to trust this video but determining on the views I clicked on it. I'm going to try to do two rounds everyday whenever I can, and after i'm done I will go outside and just play to burn extra calories. I have done so many of her videos and I could see improvement in mainly my abs, but now that i'm back in school I rarely have time to do 20 secs of an exercise. But now i'm on break hopefully this is worth it.

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