1. Want to comment on the workout, it is good exercise for me but one I need to work on snatch technique, trying to get KB up without banging on my wrist. I am still working on this.

  2. Would have been more impressive if the Philippino chick was more time coordinated with the lead guy.  And wouldn't the snap locking of the knees in some of the exercises be not recommended?

  3. I have a 25 pound kettle bell have some health issues I had to have open heart surgery to close a hole in my heart and I used to be a power lifter but I want to do a small workout to try to help myself can anyone help me

  4. Good workout, thank you for sharing!  I've been back to working out for couple months and really enjoying kettle bell workouts after my cardio. I do this workout pretty frequently

  5. I've tried 3 other beginner kettle bells and they were way over my head. Loved this one!! Most fun I've had in 5 minutes with a piece of exercise equipment. 🙂

  6. hi,
    a few yearls earlyer i did train with dumbels and heavy weights
    now i gained some fat haha , is this a good way to get that away you think ?
    does it get you ripped if you do it alot ?

  7. this one is perfect – I've watched many videos but I do this set every week now. I modified it to doing 15 reps of each exercise and I do with two different weights for one-arm and both arms exersises. For me 14 kg and 10 kg (about 32 and 22 pounds) are sufficient but respect for the guy the weight seems to be at least 20 kg (45 p). Could you tell me what weight are u using in this video, also what weight is your colleague using, I'm curious about it. Thanks in adv for your response.

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