1. BANDS BEST THING EVER💪. Because you can gain some great muscle with them and you can do anything you want. I will do with them after this all because i can save on monthly billing at gym. I got my at💪 trainhome shop (chech on google if you want)💪 They have more home training product but from me its best to use bands.

  2. Got some bands and they have been excellent to maintain muscle mass! I struggled to find some decent ones but homeprogym.com has a great value set of 6, I got the door anchor with mine and you can do cable flys and everything.

  3. Hey Team, I was wondering if you would not mind doing a few bodybuilding videos using just bands? One video doing a full upper body workout (arm, chest, abs, and back). One doing just legs, and one working on just the core. Thank you for your time and have stay safe.

  4. I would love to see more videos like this. I have been doing CrossFit on and off for about 10 years now and I would love to add strength training with bands to my CrossFit schedule. I mainly do the main site WOD. Keep these videos coming and stay safe and healthy. Thank you for making these videos.

  5. Can you please do like a home workout no equipment to loose weight and also good healthy food recepies we can try home because trust me it is so tempting to just eat junk food 😅

  6. You should have showed us exercises where the band doesn't need to be tied to gym equipment. Pretty pointless if you need a gym rack to do it lol

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