1. You should have just re-filmed this video. You weren’t into it and coughing every 5 seconds and was so distracting. 👎🏼👎🏼

  2. For a second when you were doing the side lunges your shadow scared the crap out of me. I thought someone hiding in the other room watching you but then I looked again and it was your shadow.

  3. Love this one, it was great doing! For your cough, you can mix a spoon of natural honey and squeeze half a lime, mix it and chug it like a shot hahah. Definitely helps tho! You can add more lime & honey, depending on how you feel.

  4. This will be my January workout routine!! Then will follow target workouts that you posted! Def trying to gain weight and have some strength in 2020.

  5. is it okay that i am extremely out of breath after doing this? also if i do this like 5 times week, will i eventually see results in my stomach (will my stomach become more toned)?

  6. If I had to have a personal trainer and had some moola I would definitely call up Vicky. I love your workouts and fitness advice! Melissa alcantara and Kim k vibes 😂

  7. Funny story.. I finished week 2 of the booty pump and now I literally can't breathe out of my nose😂😂 not as sick as you were obviously, but what are the chances?!?!

  8. I'm so pumped for this new year I'm 16 years old but I cannot wait to start and form an actual body shape and tone out. I love your videos 2020 is my year 🎉❤️😄

  9. I thought that was great. Over the Holidays I've seen some people, probably home for the holidays, that for health reasons could stand to be in a little better shape. Who doesn't like a video of a Beautiful woman all full of energy bouncing around in her "top," form preforming complex difficult exercises like they were as simple and pulling on a pair of Velcro sneakers ? I mean, really, who doesn't ? Seeing a video with a little struggle is great. Letting a person know that even once you are in great shape there are still days when a workout can be a bit of a struggle. That is a very positive message to those that have maybe gotten a bit out of shape, and also to those who would just like to try this "getting in shape thing," for the first time.
    Have a Happy New Year, and thanks for inspiring not just the Super duper Always in Shape Crowd, but also those of us that Struggle to even be in "any shape at all."

  10. I've been following you since the ab challenge, I'm still doing it, I turned it into 90 day challenge and same with the booty pump…. thanks so much for sharing n coaching us, maybe next we can work on lifting the bust, I've had kids so I need some muscle gain up there 😊💪💪

  11. Thanks Doll such a great vid thanks for always giving us so much inspiration and for keeping it real I look forward to another year on this fitness inspirational motivational journey with you. I'm sure 2020 has AMAZING things in store

  12. it’s currently 7:15am (uk time) and i just finished doing 3 rounds of this workout and let me tell you something..i am sweating like crazy!! i absolutely love this workout and even with it being for beginners as well i have sweat more doing this one than any other hiit. everybody needs to do this workout..like vicky said NO EXCUSES. i feel so good after this!!

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