1. Amaziiiiing!! Thanks Lili and Alex🏵
    I can't do exercise very well because it's Ramadan now and I'm fasting, but i try to be with you as much as I can💪

  2. I follow all ur workouts, but im sorry ths live session was just so noisy, loud n disturbing. Ur simply rushing wth every exercise, honestly ppl with back aches find it difficult to keep.pace.. Watched ur other abs, cardio fat burn videos, it was soo calming n peaceful n u litterally could follow every bit of it.
    This video was like …wooh wooh so loud n disturbing.. Im really sorry bt tht ws my honest opinion. Terribly noisy

  3. Love your energy and the more ‘spontaneous’ elements (switching up the exercise mid set, or skipping breaks) of your workouts, definitely got me sweating and kept me on my toes!
    Awesome work and looking forward to the APP 🙂

  4. That was so intense 🔥. Thank you Lilly, It was a 10 out of 10 for me 😁. I died a Burpee death, then was reborn a beast for the day 💪🏼 💖.

  5. Love love love your workouts!! I'm a day behind as the live time doesn't work for me, but did this workout today in the sun- the sweat is real!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  6. I'm floored literally… Can't move. Thanks for the workouts been the best thing while having to been in a quarintine facility for 14 days stuck in a room. Keeps me positive ❤️❤️

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