1. I have been using a number of things that I have learned from you for my over arm side stroke. The hypoxic type laps, both for kicking, and distance per stroke, and all out sprints, with and without paddles and fins. Last work out, I did a 50 yard spring at the end of work out. Normal time before would have been 45 or more seconds. I did my last lap in about 42 seconds. This after about 3 weeks of effort. Hmm, seems to be working. I did switch from a scissor kick in my side stroke to a flutter kick. I don't get the slow down that I did when using the scissor kick. Just kind of slipped into it during one of the hypoxic all out 25 yard sprints. Now, that is how I swim it all the time…..

  2. Sir Pls also make a video on faster breastroke
    My timings are like
    But breastroke is 50 seconds
    All are of 50m
    As a result in the 200 Im
    I get too slow during breastroke
    So Pls help
    It is as for a 13 year old

  3. It's so perfect
    Everyday the video is posted at the same time
    And Pls also do some videos on breathing while doing underwater kick specially
    Individual medlay
    As I get too tired to to hold my breath after every turn

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