1. Hey nice video
    one question: how long did your workout take? Because i always seem to have problems with my volume of the workout…. Its always like 1 1/2 hours or 2 😀
    greetings and continue that way

  2. Hey man, you've got some very cool videos on your channel.
    I've recently started weightlifting to get bigger muscles but I also want to obtain a nice conditioning. So far it's going really well, I've gained some weight and I eat a lot (3300 kcal) and most of my food is clean.
    I assume I'll have to add some cardio to my training to get a good conditioning, but I'm a mesomorph, doesn't that mean I should limit the amount of cardio I do? When should I do cardio? I guess I should do it on my off days since I lift every other day. And how much cardio should I do?? I would be happy if you'd answer my questions and share your opinion with me.
    Keep up the good work btw!

  3. New to the channel. You dutch by any chance? Nice video and have a good 2016. I agree on the pullup statement. Prefer those over deadlifts any day. I have a weak lower back so deadlifts really arent my thing. Weighted extensions are my go to excersizes.

  4. Hey dude i noticed on another video of your channel in the comments that you suggested push/pull/legs and a compound lifts day.My question is should i include all the main 5 compound lifts or some of them?

  5. hey man ik heb een vraagje. Als ik legs/push/pull doe, op welke dag moet ik dag deadliften? ik heb meestal heel veel spierpijn in mijn hamstrings en rug na het deadliften, dus dan kan ik die allebei niet trainen. Zou graag je mening hier over willen horen. Thanks!

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