1. Im definitely coming back to this one! I've been in quarantine for 2 months, but even before that I didn't exercise much. I like the combination of moves and the encouragement of both the instructor and the assistants. Thank you!

  2. Good workout. Agree with other reviews regarding instructor and her comments. And the ponytail. 🙄 Felt like this workout was more about her than those of us working out with her. I don’t normally give feedback but being a former instructor – I always tried to be “neutral” for all types of participants.

  3. I love barre 3 but this definitely wasn't my favorite instructor. I found her tone condescending especially towards the woman who was demonstrating modifications. Definitely a tough workout, but I would prefer a different instructor!

  4. The workout is boring!!!!!!! She does the same move 88 times!?!?!? Why? I hope she has grown as an instructor since she made this video. Pull the video off Facebook, please!

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