1. I just finished cycling with this 20 minutes video and it was awesome. I'm a beginner and I appreciate the little soreness. I'm looking to get that much better without the soreness. Oh yes, I'm sweating too!!!!

  2. Loved the trainers from your studio, but the only reason I haven’t signed up is it’s too bad you really can’t do your style without RPM or heart rate monitor.

  3. Is it me or did he really just say “I mean figuratively you’re in the club, because you’re a mom.” – any mom is allowed to go to the club…found this sexist if I heard that correctly

  4. Thanks for posting this, even though it's kinda old. I just joined a new gym near me and they offer lots of spin classes. I'm nervous to try it because I never have before and don't want to look like a dummy since I'm not a biker. Can you still go at your own pace or slow down of necessary?

  5. This crushed me, never realised how unfit i am. I had to replace some sitting up with some sitting down. I will increase the standing up part more as i get more fitter. Thanks for this upload. Had sweat pouring off me, felt fantastic. I would signup, but it's just too expensive

  6. Nice class but the music does not go with the spinning exercise. Electronic music is the one is use in my gym spinning class. I used my own music to stayed motivated. . ty

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