1. So… when I say "beginner" I mean somebody who's been sedate for years and is just getting into movement and exercise. These seem much to advanced for that sort of person. Would love to see this approach modified for someone who is truly a "beginner".

  2. I am not new to exercise but this is all very different to me. How many times would you do this routine per week to get flexibility and strength improvements. Also should this be implemented into an already existing routine or is there a way to make a full weeks workout routine inspited by Ido Portals workouts

  3. The rotations into high bridge may seem confusing at first, but once you get it, it will seem so easy. For those who are stuck with these, practice the progressions, use the rotations into arch using the wall exercise to build the sense of timing and focus on using your core to brace your spine through out the rotation into the actual bridge itself. This movement appears to be mobility demanding, and it is, but the secret to this movement is using your core to transfer between positions and TIMING. Focus on initiating the rotation on the outer blade of the hand while at the same time initiating the bridge and transfering your lower body mass over your knees by extending your spine and leveraging your knees over your ankles as you come up on to your toes, and the same time, brace and focus on your obliques as you catch your self in the high bridge, then focus on your core and obliques and initiate the rotation on the outer blade of your other hand as you transition to the rest of the movement and back in to the squat. Again, this movement looks simple, but in fact this is a deceivingly technical movement and there are no shortcuts to perfecting these movements. Use the progressions and your success in this art of movement will not only make sense to you, you will become fluent in it and you will no longer have to think "okay if I put my hand here and my heel here and transfer my weight here", no you will just do it, it will be like walking, you just do it, and improper movement will seem toxic and won't even cross your mind. That is the goal here, is to use your body properly and make proper movement patterns natural in order to improve health and longevity. Good luck every one, and again, we are all white belts at one point in time or another!

  4. This has to be the most confusing program layout i have ever seen. I should be able to go into high bridge to call myself a beginner?

  5. I just came across your videos and I think this is an awesome start for a beginner. I'll keep you posted. Any chance you have instructors in Sarasota, a Florida? Rose

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