1. Can you believe we’ve reached 300,000 subscribers! THANK YOU!!!!! We love you ❤️ I’ll see you in 30 mins for a Live Workout! ❤️🥰💪🏼

  2. Hi Lilly, thank you soooooo much for all these videos that are saving me now from depression caused by this crab situation, I can´t even work now and the only think I can do is to work hard on ME. I have seen many videos of many people but finally I fell in love with you and your stile! I think that now, more than ever, the most important think is our health and immunity and you are doing a great job for all who need it!! By the way your doggie is soooo cute and so relaxed – my dog just lick my face all the time tryig to "save me" as she sees me on the floor 😀 Greetings from Italy!!!

  3. An absolutely amazing workout! I love this first combo with legs circles and crunches!!! I've done 3 circuits of this workout today, thank you so so much Lilly! I'm extremely happy you've reached 303K subscribers and I'm sure you deserve at least over 1 million subscribers and more!!! Good luck!!!

  4. First off, I wanna say congrats on 300,000! I also just wanna say thank you for these videos. They are something I can count on to make me feel better during quarantine ❤👏✌

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