1. Halfway through the cardio part my legs got so sore I had to fight every move 😀 but after the strength part I got so much energy that I did another workout and some yoga stretches! Thank you for the amazing videos, I've been doing them periodically when I get bored of the gym. These workouts with the right spotify playlist really boost my mood during quarantine 🙂

  2. Love FitnessBlender and just decided I wanted to look into buying some dumbbells, but the link here goes to a site that doesn't exist anymore! Anyone got any dumbbell recommendations from personal experience?

  3. Woah, this was so sweaty and burning on my surprisingly still sore legs, like my legs burnt like crazy during that hiit 🔥That sweat especially came through during those strength exercises when I was really focusing on my range on motion and contracting my muscles. Damn, this was way sweatier than I imagined, especially since I didn’t use any weights. Now moving onto some weighted strength exercises. Bound to be funnn 💪🔥 #FBFit2 Day 53 1st workout complete! 23.01.2020

  4. Fitness Blender is one of THE BEST things in fitness. I get many ideas and routines to lead my high school P.E. classes! Thanks Fitness Blender! I want to get one of their sweatshirts!

  5. I hadn't worked out for 2 months bcz of my work commitments…. I have restarted now…. And it's taking the life out of me…could do it only for 17 min at A strech… And then had to take A break… I was out of breath!! Just 2 months of not doing exercise landed me here…But thanks to your videos… I will get where I was

  6. Woah, so sweaty and burning. I pushed through hard with no breaks in between and yes, I feel very accomplished. After a 2 week workout-free vacation, indulging in my favorite, some not so healthy foods, it feels great to be back and push myself. So glad I showed up today and done this workout. I feel like a badass yet again 💪🔥 #workoutcomplete 02.09.19

  7. I had this video saved in my playlist for the past 7 months, but I was always scared to attempt it as I was not at all sure that i had the fitness level to survive even the first 10 mins. But today I plunged in headlong and…..completed it in one go!!! Yes, I did take a few unscheduled mini water breaks, but the workout was completed! Feeling accomplished😃

  8. Now that I am 50ish some of these exercises are getting more challenging. Like the backward lunges my knees don't like them. Is there a good substitue? I have been doing side to side with a small hop, raise knee second hold. Those are fine. Thoughts?

  9. This is my first Fitness Blender workout back since I found out I was pregnant. 2 months postpartum now and I forgot how much I missed these! Some of the best workouts on the internet for sure.

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