1. I've always thought women with a little fitness/muscle are hot. It's not just that they have nice bodies, but that they seem more confident and focused. But I still like the 'regular' ladies too. More power to them. 😉

  2. Love this video! I usually watch 1 or 2 videos right before the gym to get me hyped 🙂
    There is another channel that uploads great female workout motivation videos, though the girls are Asian
    /watch?v=JSvHzfd3Gqw or just type in "Frosty Phoenix workout motivation"
    Those videos have helped me and maybe they will help more people as well ^_^
    Stay motivated and don't find excuses to not working out!

  3. Bro can you stop playing invincible by Deaf Key and just start talking about that gender equality crap cause I know that’s what you were gunna say don’t lie.

  4. As a man it turns me on not in a sexual way but in a personality way because this shows she is disciplined, and committed and driven and THATS is sooooooo hot to me in a woman!!

  5. I love women who constantly push through without a blink. The video displayed here directly shows what we are really capable of when we set our mind on a goal. Fearlessness is the best quality. I saw this video a few days ago and was so inspired that I decided to make my own.

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