1. Two words. Mediterranean Diet. It's not really a diet. It restricts red meat and processed foods and emphasizes fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains. As Michael Pollan says, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”

  2. I was in school in the 1960 s. .I never got school lunches they were gross like cardboard .I always brought my own lunch and snacks ..my mom made it when I was little and then I was making my own when in 7 th grade and on …no one I knew would even eat that crap they served ….not many kids were "heavy set "

  3. I'm a highschool student set to graduate in 2021. They still serve INSANELY unhealthy food. Chocolate milk, dominos pizza, sidekicks (slushies that count as a fruit cuz they have juice in them), juice counts as a fruit, salsa counts as a veggie, chicken patties that are like large chicken nuggets, grippos (mini graham crackers w chocolate chips), rice krispies, chocolate elf graham crackers, a blueberry muffin, oatmeal bars, chicken nuggets (super processed more breading than chicken stuff), little cookies that look like cinnamon rolls, and a lot more. And this is coming from someone who gets free meals, so nothing in this list costs extra. And only 4 items on this list are sides, the juice, salsa, milk and sidekicks. Breakfast items come with a cheesestick (those are things like blueberry muffins, grippos, the elf crackers, etc). The pizza and chicken stuff (nuggets and patty) count as a meal. You see most kids eating pizza (which is offered every day and also as at my school and I bet its the same at other schools. I don't think anyone could say that eating pizza everyday (which is offered every single day and sometimes as the special) is healthy yet it's perfectly fine for it to be in schools. This was a long rant, but I dont think schools nutrition is doing enough. I dont want juice I want real fruit. I want real food to be offered not processed food.

  4. All of you in this video seem to forget that these kids parents ARE the gateway between food and their kids. If those kids had been being TAUGHT by their parents how to eat healthy via the meals that they prepared including what kind of snacks they brought into the house. So the people I look at for the cause of their child's obesity is them and only them and its child abuse that ranks right up there with beating children and tying them to a hot water heater. If they had taught their children how to eat healthy then they would have chosen healthy foods at school.

  5. Good grief, someone please tell these poor kids they need to try whole foods and raw foods. I feel for them. They need to look at ingredients and eat less processed foods!

  6. It is all about $$$ nothing personal just business. Food industry producing unhealthy food+ politicians and lawmakers looking the other way after being bribed + undisciplined, uneducated and ignorant public eating way too much= sickness and then more money to make in medical field from surgeries, medication. Enough of the charade….people should take responsibility on themselves by educating themselves on healthy lifestyles, disciplining themselves from over eating and eating properly. It is a cycle, a business…nothing personal.

  7. These parents are delusional. Cereal with all those high glycemic carbs is why the whole family is obese…then the mother thinks "lean" hot pockets are a healthy alternative.. these people are well over 35% body fat…

  8. Besides vaccines, big pharma and chemtrails how else are we going to get the Bill Gates proposed number of decreased population by 10-15%?
    Oh, our food, brilliant!

  9. pepsi and coke are subsidized. i used to work for pepsi. its subsidized so heavily that literal pallets of pepsi is thrown out every single shipping day.

  10. I forget where or who said it but when you go to the grocery store you should only buy stuff on the outer perimeter. Produce, dairy, meat, bakery. Stay away from processed crap.

  11. Support your local farmers and ranchers and farmers markets..it is the middle man who destroys the quality of our food and has now created a monopoly on how much more you will pay..its not the growers who are making all this happen..take care of your local community first and they will take care of you. My kids don't get to watch much tv too busy growing food and veggies for our local people..God bless

  12. It's pretty simple even animals can figure it out. Only eat when you're hungry, not when you're bored or want comfort pleasure. We are a fat consumer society that seeks pleasure from the fork.

  13. The American Academy of Family Physicians in bed with Big Food makes perfect sense. The healthcare industry is a for-profit business. Your doctor, his/her practice, the hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical giants all make their living selling pills and procedures to sick people. What's making people sick? The garbage our food industry giants are pushing. Sounds like a perfect pairing to me.
    A few years back it was common knowledge that type 2 diabetes was chronic and incurable. Now we know that it is 100% reversible through diet. You'd think that would have been on the news cycle 24/7 for several months. Why not? There's far more money to be made from selling pills and procedures to sick people, than by selling fresh meats and vegetables to healthy people.

  14. Here's the solution. Quit eating bread, sugar, hydrogenated oils and artificial sweeteners. If you follow those directions, then you won't be able to gain weight. Fat is supposed to be our natural dietary fuel. Fat doesn't make you fat, carbs do…You're welcome. Wasn't that simple? It's not about calories, it's about carbs. I've been on a high fat diet with little to no carbs and I only need to eat one big meal per day, and that's it. Almost no snacks. I consume more fat than some families. Resting heart rate 55 110/65. No veggies, fruit or grains. Picans and mushrooms are pretty much the only plants I'll eat.

  15. You can eat healthier for less. Don't ever believe that bullcrap that it's more expensive to eat healthy. It's not. It's just an excuse is all. And don't forget about technology. Back then, there was not phones and computers in every house, and kids got bored, and did things, moved around. Now, they are sitting around all damned day on their phones and computers.

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