1. I decided to do this instead of my treadmill and all I can say is, I was so glad when the stretch section came on. Lumowell is really awesome. Thank you!

  2. One Fat Molecule contains 104 atoms of Hydrogen, 55 atoms of Carbon and 6 atoms of oxygen.
    C55 H104 O6
    To remove this one Fat Molecule from your body, You need to add or breath in 78 atoms of Oxygen to convert the Fat Molecule to 55 CO2 (carbon dioxide) molecules and 52 H2O (water) molecules.
    The carbon dioxide you will ex-sponge from the body by means of exhaling and the water by urination.
    Before your body can start a fat burn to remove one Fat Molecule, all the glucose in your blood needs to be depleted as will as the glycogen in the liver. The liver stores glucose energy in the form of glycogen. After blood glucose is use, the liver will convert the glycogen into glucose. After all the converted glucose are use up than the body will convert to the fat energy. This is called ketosis.
    On an intensify workout when your heart rate is beating 60 to 80% of your Target Heart Rate (220 – your age ) It will take 45 to 90 minutes before glycogen and glucose are depleted and than the fat burn starts.
    There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat, so to burn half of one pound of fat off your body, you will need to extend your intensify workout with your heart rate @ 60 to 80% of your target for another 90 minutes
    This is why working out to loss fat is useless unless you are already in ketosis with your carbohydrates intake under 50 grams.

  3. I love your videos. Best ever explanation . thanks..but I hv a request. can you put the advised picture a bit longer. Don't remove it too fast.😃👍

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