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  4. Brillient workout just started today, couldnt keep up with you guys tho tough workout, did complete it tho it just took a bit longer.

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  6. I only do 12-8-5 and already I feel like dying! I wish there was something for the abs, too, though. Quick question: can I take a shower immediately after or should I cool down first for a few minutes? Also, what are kick boosts for? Can I sub that with something else that's more relevant to the whole body workout?

  7. I'm kinda new to working out and everything so sorry if this is like a really silly question, but I've been kinda skeptical of these 7 minute workouts. I usually go to the gym for about an hour and a half at a time and do full body work outs using my body weight and I add weight when necessary, but it doesn't make sense to do that if I can accomplish the same thing in 7 minutes. Right now, I'm trying to lose weight and keep my muscle (cutting) and was wondering if this would be an adequate workout to do? If yes, how many times a week? And if no, why not? and could I do this as a supplement workout on like rest days, or could I do this in combination with other similar short-length workouts to get a full workout? Thank you for any advice you have, I'm really confused right now as I feel like there are 5,000,000 different paths to take and I'm not sure which one to go on, so I really appreciate anything you have to offer. Thanks again!

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