1. Woah, sweat has already started dripping off me by the end and my legs got absolutely butchered with this warmup 🔥 My sore legs and sore-ish abs are ready to jump straight into today’s abs workout and feel great afterwards 💪 #FBBurn Day 3 warmup complete! Wow was this sweaty 😅👏 04.03.2020

  2. to be honest this used to feel like nothing and itd warm me up to working out but after not working out for 4 months it really hits you badly, but i wont give up because last time i did I lost my confidence and became more soft. People used to say I had toned pretty legs, that they were thick and now my nickname has gone back to chicken legs and people think i lost 20 lbs but in reality all the weight is in my back and stomach and I haven't worn tight shirts and pants in months. I reassure you that if you keep going you will be happy :'( <3 stay strong everybody!

  3. After a Christmas break, here I am showing up again for myself. Sadly, today I wasn’t feeling my best to begin with and I started feeling even worse during this workout so I won’t move onto the lower body strength I had planned next and this hiit workout will have to do. But hey, at least I showed up and done something for myself, even if it was for only 15 minutes am I right? ✨ Tomorrow is a new day to push hard my friends 💪 #FBFit2 Day 36 workout no.1 complete! 01.01.2020

  4. Hey ! I have a question : what would be a good rythm for this kind of 15 minutes HIIT workout ? 4-5 times a week ? Do you recommend doing something in addition ?

  5. This was so sore and sweaty since my legs are still sore from leg day on Monday 🔥 Anyhow, no time to complain since this was only the warmup and there are sweatier and more painful times ahead 😆 #FBBurn Day 3 warmup complete! 💪 11.09.19

  6. I love you! You’re so amazing and I love when your husband does the voice overs and when you’re talking too! You guys both really help me feel confident 🙂 thank you! 💜

  7. Oww, my legs are burning and I am sweating buckets. An amazing warmup like last time for the leg massacre that’s about to follow during the lower body strength workout up next. Can’t wait to not be able to walk tomorrow since I also went on a 10km walk just earlier 😆🔥 #FBFit2 Day 36 complete! 05.08.19

  8. Kelly you are my personal fitness trainer !! Love you 🤗
    Daniel is great but I mainly use your videos , thank you so much for all of this content. You really are making a huge difference in lives. So grateful for FB !!! 🙌🏼 I have been following since 2012 , I now have an 11 month old my first baby & I am going to fully dedicate myself the way I should have for years , can’t wait to send you guys my results. 😼gonna let my baby crawl around go all out for the 20 sec. and during the break make sure she’s not eating dust bunnies lol !!! I need to get this done no matter what. For my future and to be a good example to my lil girl.
    ( sorry so long ! )

  9. this is the first time i tried this and i am going to start doing HIIT cardio 3 times a week and i was really surprised that i actually did this without stopping since i never workout and i hate it so much but i dont know if i should do the same exact workout every time or different ones

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