1. This is forever my favourite workout video by FitnessBlender. I don't know what it is about this particular video, but it has helps me soo much every time I want to get fit and lose some body fat. Idk , I just always come back to this one for some reason. Do this everyday if you want really quick results. Sometimes if I'm really tired or don't have time, I just do the first part before the break and it still works. 🙂

  2. So I have been doing this for a month and had results,but if you want to finish the hole workout watch like movie or a youtube video or something you'll realize that you've done the hole workout and won't even feel tired. I have been doing this for a month and I started watching other entertainment video at the same time…and i have been doing the full workout

  3. This was perfect for me as I am switching from a fitness center with an intense workout routine. My am walks don’t do much for me. This helped create some sweat thank you God bless you

  4. This was a 3.5/5 in difficulty for me. I'd love it if some of these could include 3 different exercises in each set to really challenge the body, rather than 3 of the same per set which for me is a little repetitive. But this was still great and highly recommended.

  5. This was a challenging workout, had to stop just before the jumping jacks which were the last set of exercises, continued after some rest! Still, I'd like to add it to my weekly workout plan! Thank you for another effective and fun workout.

  6. I have an account on fitness blender and have been dong these difficulty 4/5 workouts on fb.com and I love it it's for all I am 12 years old and they make me soo motivated to do things like this thank you

  7. I like you and your workouts guys because you're so genuine and nice. So different from all those fitness models showing off on Instagram… Love you guys ❤

  8. PLS Help
    ANYONE who regulary did this workout and lost 5/6 kgs doing so?
    Without going to gym, doing (very ) intense HIIT or running.
    I want to find the 20 – 30 min workout that will keep me (most) motivated. Please comment with your results!
    Which fb moderate cardio workouts work best for you to keep the weight off?
    Does the "upperbody with fat burn intervals " https://youtu.be/TSDS8KixaQ0 work to keep weight off and improve cardio condition AND work for muscle gain? I generally do short 10-15 min. Toning videos for upper body. Would it be better to switch to the previously mentioned workout or this ( total body) workout : https://youtu.be/oudLZLcA3Gs

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